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NDP support for ending cannabis prohibition
Jack Layton
Jack Layton

UPDATE: In a Mr. Layton has recently (March 2009) stated his party does not support legalization.

"Our party is in favour of modernizing our marijuana laws and creating a legal environment where people can enjoy marijuana in the peace and quiet of their own home or in a cafe without the fear of being criminalized."

- Jack Layton, October 2003

A quote from a videotaped interview given to Marc Emery for


Libby Davis

"Public policy must also recognise that prohibitionist policies continue to fuel organised crime and other violent organisations in our society. Prohibiting drugs creates a black market that greatly inflates the value of drugs - and the profits to be made by selling them."

- Libby Davies

Excerpt from a letter to Health Minister Tony Clement about Safe Injection Site Permit Renewal.
July 2006

Special Committee on the Non-Medical Use of Drugs
Supplementary Report - Libby Davies MP Vancouver East

"The Federal NDP will continue to push for changes to the marijuana laws.... These will include: amnesty for past possession convictions, reduction or elimination of fines for personal possession, and non-punitive measures for personal cultivation."

Press release:
Contradictory Pot Laws In Need Of Immediate Reform - Davies
September 13, 2004


Politicians who support prohibition are supporting organized crime

Cannabis prohibition is expensive, ineffective, and causing significant harms to Canadian society.
For the good of ALL Canadians, it's time to end cannabis prohibition.

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