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Green Party support for ending cannabis prohibition

Elizabeth May -

May stands firm on legalizing pot
Green Party leader Elizabeth May said last night her party stands firm on its position toward the legalization of pot.
September 21, 2008 - The Vancouver Province


Jane Sterk - PhD, Leader of the Green Party of B.C.

Green leader Jane Sterk wants pot sold in liquor-store-style outlets
Apr 23 2009 - - Vancouver Free Press

“The vast majority of people who use these substances use them in such a way that it causes no harm to themselves or anyone else,” said Sterk, who is the Green candidate in Esquimalt-Royal Roads. “Fundamentally, we believe that, if it’s not causing harm, why would we need to criminalize behaviour which is done by responsible adults.”

“So, that’s one way to do it, and then it would be controlled and regulated just like we do tobacco and alcohol, so that we keep it out of the hands of youngsters and out of the hands of the criminal elements that are destroying our communities,” she added.

“The war on drugs is a futile endeavour,” she said. “It’s a failure, and it doesn’t make sense to continue to do something that’s failing, and we should approach this problem differently.”


Jim Harris - leader of the Green Party of Canada from 2003 - 2006

"the Green Party is the only major federal party to have the courage to advocate legalizing marijuana -- which we've been advocating for 20 years."
October 2007 - Conservatives Attack GPC: 55% Canadians Side with Green Policy


Politicians who support prohibition are supporting organized crime

Cannabis prohibition is expensive, ineffective, and causing significant harms to Canadian society.
For the good of ALL Canadians, it's time to end cannabis prohibition.

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